5 Tips for your Summer hair survival kit

Aaah, Summer it means fun and sun. What`s not to love? Just make sure you add these 5 tips to your beach bag for hair that looks beautiful all season.

Anderson's Hair summer hair tips

Summer ready your hair with ANDERSON'S hair 

1. Enhance your shine.


Don`t let summer sun dull your hair. Get a gloss treatment. Its like a topcoat for your hair, sealing in the hair cuticle and creating lots of shine. Your hair will look fresh even in the worst heat.



2. Protect your colour


Between chlorine and sun your hair doesn't really stand a chance. Chlorine is very drying and can cause your hair to change colour. To prevent freshly coloured hair from fading, wet your hair before entering the pool. Your hair will only absorb a certain amount of water so if it is pre-wet before entering the pool, it will not absorb as much chlorine. Add a conditioner like Davines MINU for maximum colour protection.

andersons hair summer hair tips

3. Trim your hair ends.


Don`t even think about skipping this essential tip! for beautiful healthy hair. Follow these guidelines: for short hair get your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks, mid-length every 8 weeks and long hair no longer than 10 weeks. Pre-book your next appointment when in the salon and receive 10% off your next visit.

andersons hair summer hair tips


4. Skip heat styling



Go for the ever so popular beachy wave. Try Davines Salt Styling spray made of sea salt that gives the hair fullness and body with a mat finishing for the ultimate beach waves. Just give your hair a break from so much heat. 





If you must heat style use a heat styling protectant product like Davines Melu hair shield which is Ideal for protecting all types of hair from stress caused by straightener or blow dryer. This spray effectively protects the hair from heat stresses.  Melu hair shield helps your hair to stand the hottest temperatures up to 220°.

andersons hair summer hair tips

5. Banish oily strands



Sun and sea can cause hair to get oily and greasy. Keep a Davines Hair refresher handy to refresh your style. It refreshes and cleans all hair types without using water. It does not weigh the hair down while creating a full-bodied volume. Hair is scented and soft like just-washed.

Before you even get to the beach use a moisturising shampoo, leave in some conditioner to help your hair sock in much needed moisture and protect it from the suns rays. There you have it! it takes a little planning to keep your hair looking beautiful.