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Davines Flamboyage Colour Technique

June 2015.

I was inspired by Angelo Seminara`s Mother of Pearl collection. I wanted to create, more of an intense oil spill effect. I absolute love using Davines Flamboyage so I decided to use it to create this look.  The finished look is fun and very versatile, changing your parting or pinning your hair up will throw the colour around. Its a look that you will never get tired of.

Davines A New Colour is extremely versatile hair colouring system that creates infinite possibilities for colourists and stylists, like myself.  


  • It provides full coverage of white hair.
  • Has natural anti-oxidants for long lasting shine.
  • It is Ammonia free for odourless and pleasant application.
  • Moisturises the hair thanks to the delicate formulas
  • Long lasting colour brightness.
  • Produces velvety colours that are intense and multi-faceted.


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