Anderson's Hair Bee Awareness Day

sunday 23RD august


Bees are tireless pollinators of trees, plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits.

Not only are they essential to the health of our eco-system; they are vital to the world’s agricultural economy.




One third of the UK’s food is pollinated by bees.


They pollinate our vegetables: 
no more bees = no more broccoli.

They pollinate our fruit: 

we've got them to thank for our strawberries.

But more than that,

they’re the barometer of the environment.

andersons hair partnership with planbee

JOIN US in the salon on Sunday 23rd August for our free Bee Awareness Day.


anderson hair bee awareness day
andersons hair bee awareness day
andersons hair partnership with planbee



We have teamed up with Plan Bee where you can adopt a bee in the salon prices start from £1 and each purchase goes towards Anderson's Hair real beehive, helping the honeybee population recover. Call 0141 237 6250 for more information.

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