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Opened in November 2014 multi- award winning Anderson's Hair salon is the premier location to experience the Davines brand. We were honoured to have received the accolade of Best new salon in  2015 at the prestigious Creative Heads Most Wanted Awards.


We are also proud to be the flagship Davines salon for Scotland. We are situated on 14 South Frederick Street in the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, we provide full range of hairdressing services for both men and women. The bright spacious feel offers a retreat of calm amongst the chaos and rush of everyday city life.


It is the perfect place to come to experience what Davines is all about. Davines gives careful attention to and respects our environment. By using high grade natural ingredients, their products are original, authentic and connect emotionally with people.

The interior was built with sustainable values and we were committed to reducing the environmental impact with the décor choices. The salon’s unique design features all reclaimed wood with complimenting natural colours and materials. We wanted the salon to work in harmony with the Davines product range.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city outside and come and enjoy the Anderson's Hair salon experience.